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NAPHA Newsletter, 29 June 2018
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Hunters United Against Poaching

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F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
F O L L O W on T W I T T E R
V I S I T our W E B S I T E

In this edition

29 JUNE 2018

1. Feedback: Ethical Training and Master Hunting Guides
2. NACSO: The Position of Namibian conservation organizations on the Iconic African Species Protection Act
3. Scam Alert
4. Botswana: "Hunting Ban was ill-informed"
5. Pangolin: First Responders Manual
6. Save the Date: 45th NAPHA AGM
7. Rhino for Sale
8. Goldfingers Support
9. Thank you from the Heger Family
10. Classifieds

Feedback: Ethical Training and Master Hunting Guides

1. Ethical Training
Course dates and venues will be announced upon receipt of details from MET.
The course will be based on attendance, with no testing required and will be offered free of charge by MET.

2. Master Hunting Guide Registrations
After the status of Freehold Conservancies was declared redundant, the legal hunting areas for a Master Hunting Guide was increased as per Government Gazette No. 94 of 2018:

“(4) The powers of a master hunting guide shall be limited to the hunting or
guest farm in respect of which he or she is registered as a master hunting guide and, with the
approval of the Director, a maximum of ten other hunting farms.”.

NACSO: The Position of Namibian conservation organizations on the Iconic African Species Protection Act

The Honourable Mark Stonje,
Assembly Judiciary Committee

Chairperson Stone,
The Namibian Association of CBNRM Support Organisations (NACSO) is a consortium of nine Namibian civil society organisations that works together to support, promote and strengthen community-based natural resource management (CBNRM). NACSO was formed in the late 1990s in order to serve a core coordination function within the overall CBNRM program that was being established at that time, following reforms to law and policy in 1995/96 that created the basis for the establishment of communal conservancies. Since that time, NACSO has played a key role in the development of Namibia’s CBNRM program, which today has expanded to deliver a growing suite of critical conservation, rural development, tourism investment, and economic diversification functions.

Through its Natural Resources Working Group, NACSO notes that without hunting, conservation would be brought to a close in many communal conservancies which do not have tourism potential and which depend for their income on the hunting of selected animals for trophies. Conservancy income is used to pay more than 600 community game guards who conduct anti-poaching patrols and to provide benefits to conservancy members, thus uplifting living standards in poorer rural communities.

A ban on the importation of trophies to the State of California could result in a meaningful decline of hunters visiting Namibia, with a comparable decline in income to conservancies and their members, which in turn, is likely lead to an increase in wildlife crime and reduced habitat for wildlife. NACSO fully supports the sustainable use of wildlife under legally enforced and controlled conditions, and wishes to bring to the attention of the Assembly Judiciary Committee of the State of California, that most conservancy committees with which it works, as well as ordinary conservancy members, are strongly against any ban on conservation hunting. [Read more]

Scam Alert

We received reports of members being contacted by a "Google" representative, selling advertising packages, guaranteeing top placement on Google by supposedly featuring your company information on websites like Google Maps, Facebook, LinkedIn, and various other social media sites.

By focusing on providing the best user experience possible, Google has earned a trusted brand name. Unfortunately, unscrupulous people sometimes try to use the Google brand to scam and defraud others.

Visit the google support website to find out how you can protect yourself from falling victim to this or enquire at the NAPHA Office.

Botswana: "Hunting Ban was ill-informed"

A study by University of Botswana academic, Professor Joseph Mbaiwa, has found that the 2014 hunting ban was not supported by scientific evidence, suggesting that the ban was a political decision.

The study titled “Effects of the safari hunting tourism ban on rural livelihoods and wildlife conservation in Northern Botswana,” says that: “The decision to ban hunting in Botswana seems political as it is not supported by any scientific evidence, and there was no involvement of local communities in the decision-making process.” [Read more: Hunting ban was ill-informed]

[Read more: Botswana's hunting ban; the economic aftermath]

Pangolin: First Responders Manual

The reward scheme that we established (MET, NCE, Community Conservation & WWF) in response to the recent upsurge in illegal trade in pangolins has had a dramatic impact on the law enforcement efforts of MET and other law enforcement agencies. Since the scheme was initiated some 11 months ago, 42 cases of illegal possession of pangolins have been opened, 73 people have been arrested and charged, 22 live pangolins have been confiscated and 32 pangolin skins have been seized. This compares to 3 - 5 cases per year in the past.

We were suddenly confronted with lots of live pangolins, some in poor condition, and no clear protocol on how to handle them. A small meeting was held between MET, NCE and NARREC to look at best practice, based on local and regional experiences, and to develop a "First Repsonders Manual" for pangolins. This work was spearheaded by Liz Komen and NARREC. The Manual has now been completed and is available in hard copy from NARREC and MET, or can be downloaded from this link.

The Manual is aimed at the immediate assessment and treatment (if necessary) of a pangolin, how to handle, hold and transport the animal, temperature control, rehydration, food and the collection of basic information. It also provides a contact number for the Pangolin Hotline. There are a number of suitable release sites on standby, ready to take animals - large, safe areas of suitable habitat with no electrical fencing, no use of pesticides, no bush thinning concessions, and no nearby urban settlements - so please contact the Pangolin Hotline for information at 081 413 2214.

Kind regards,
Dr Chris Brown
CEO of the Namibian Chamber of Environment

Save the Date: 45th NAPHA AGM

This year, NAPHA is commemorating its 45th AGM and we plan to make it extra special. Planning and organising has commenced.

The AGM is set to take place on 27 November 2018 at the Safari Court Hotel.

To enable NAPHA to continue with its work in the hunting industry, we rely on funding generated at our AGM. We would like to call upon our members and supporters to donate to our auction in exchange for marketing on a broad platform.
  • Weekend getaways to farms/lodges
  • Financial contributions towards the smooth running of our AGM (you could sponsor the music, dinner or welcoming drinks, etc.)
  • Game or livestock (2017 saw a Brahman bull and sable antelope on the auction for the first time)
  • Meat donations (e.g. game carcass)
  • Trophy or meat hunts
  • Sponsorships for the day, e.g. chocolates, water, tea/coffee breaks or lunch, etc.
If you are unsure about any donation, please contact the office for more information. Every bit of support is highly appreciated.

A registration form with detailed information on accommodation will be distributed shortly.

Rhino for Sale

Inspired by events surrounding the well-known rhino sculpting project of the HUAP (Hunters United Against Poaching) Trust last year, as well as raising awareness for our wildlife and environment, local artist Alfeus Mvula took it upon himself to sculpt a truly unique piece of art for NAPHA in 2017. This was made possible with the generous support of Mr Mark Hoffmann of Namibia Stone Services, when he decided to donate more than one block of marble for the Pellini Project.

For almost 3 months, Alfeus let his creative talents flow and using nothing but a hammer, chisel and elbow grease, created a wonderful marble rhino, which currently resides at the College of the Arts in the Windhoek City Centre.

It will be put up for auction at this years AGM, with high hopes that we will find a suitable buyer, perhaps even retaining this piece of art in Namibia. It would certainly look wonderful at any lodge entrance.

Goldfingers Support

Carin Briedenhann, owner of Goldfingers, has been inspired by Namibia's nature and gemstones to conceptualise the 'Namibian Tree of Life' jewellery range. As a born and raised Namibian, she strongly believes in helping and supporting local businesses and its people.

The idea behind the Namibian Tree of Life jewelery range is to combine beautiful Namibian gemstones, such as beryl, garnet, topaz, tourmaline and quartz, with the ultimate tree of life: the Namibian Baobab.
To view more of Goldfingers stunning pieces, visit their Facebook Page.

Thank you from the Heger Family

We would like to sincerely thank everybody for the compassion, the words of sympathy and strength, the beautiful flowers and cards, the support we received from all over the country with the passing-away of my beloved Husband, our Father and Father-in-Law and our Opa. It helps to carry us through these difficult times.

Gudrun and Family 
Hartmans Zebra Offered - we have Hartman zebra on offer for N$5,000.00 to hunt on a farm just north of Kalkfeld. Interested operators/outfitter can email or call 061 303 001.
This outfitter is a registered NAPHA member.

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