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NAPHA Newsletter, 2 March 2018
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Hunters United Against Poaching

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F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
F O L L O W on T W I T T E R
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In this edition

2 MARCH 2018

1. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services - Import of Elephant Trophies
2. First Aid Refresher Course 
3. Leopard Census
4. Firearm Importation into Namibia
5. Workshop on Trophy Hunting in Spain
6. Correct way of handling a hunting trophy
7. 45th NAPHA Annual General Meeting 
8. Dallas Safari Club Support
9. Ben Nolte Support Fund
10. Classifieds

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services

Import of Elephant Trophies


As per previous communication to our members after updates received at the US Conventions, we have contacted the US Fish and Wildlife Services (Chief of Permiting) again regarding the importation of elephant trophies of legally harvested elephant from Namibia into the US.

The below is an extract of the USFWS reply:

"... the short answer is that we are currently accepting applications and evaluate them for the import of elephants from all countries, but have not determined that we would or would not allow imports.
As you may be aware there have been several "events" that are affecting our current permit application process.  First, SCI and National Rifle Association sued the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) over the 2014 and 2015 decision to deny the import of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe.  After several years of litigation, the case went from the District Court (
first court to review the case) to the U.S. Appellate Court (the next higher court, just under the US Supreme Court).  The Appellate Court ruled that the process that the Service used to make and announce the decision to deny imports from Zimbabwe was incorrect and that country-wide decision (permitting decision that are based on a country-wide assessment without considering individual applications) was a rule making.  To publish a rule under U.S. law, the Service would need to propose the rule, publish it in the Federal Register (Gazette) and allow for a public comment period.  Only then could the rule be finalized after taking into consideration all comments that were submitted.
The determinations that the Service has made for many countries, including Namibia, were made as a country-wide decision.  It is possible that these findings would be considered incorrectly made as they currently stand.  As such, we are reviewing the Appellate Court's ruling and determining whether it does apply to more than just the 2014 and 2015 Zimbabwe finding.  We are hoping that we have a decision on how we will move forward soon (although the Appellate Court has made a ruling, it may take time for it to move through the legal process before we can state how we will proceed).
The second event was statements made by President Trump regarding the conservation benefits that are provided by sport hunting elephants.  The President stated that he and Secretary Zinke (Secretary for the Department of Interior, the ultimate boss for the Service) are reviewing the basis of our previous findings.
So, the bottom line is that my office is accepting applications and gathering information on various countries' management programs for a number of species. 
Hopefully all the moving parts will line up soon so we can make a final determination on the way forward.
I will state, however, that I am not aware of any problems with Namibian management of elephants or lions that, in itself, would change previous positive determinations that the Service has made.
I am sorry I don't have a more straightforward answer that can put your members' concerns to rest.  I recognize that it is difficult to market hunts if the U.S. hunters are not sure of the final outcome.  I assure you that the Service wants to find a resolution to our current roadblocks as quickly as possible.

First Aid Refresher Course

9 March 2018 - NAU Boardroom

A special half-day First Aid Refresher Course will be held on Friday, 9 March 2018 (08:00 - 12:30), in the NAU Boardroom, presented by Dr Heidi Rapp.

Please indicate your interest to attend immediately. All attendance applications must be received by Monday, 5 March 2018, at 12h00.

Fees are:
N$400.00 - NAPHA Members
N$700.00 - Non-members
Register here

Leopard Census

Louisa Richmond-Coggan

We would like to thank all those who have submitted completed questionnaires and camera trap photos, these are a tremendous help in establishing a solid data foundation. Click the link below to read an article from Louisa, detailing what Phase 2 will be all about.
Louisa will be in Namibia between 05 March and 28 May. She will attend Farmers Union, Farmers Association and CANAM meetings as well as AGRA and WLA (Windhoek Livestock Auctioneers) auctions, she can also be found in AGRA stores across Namibia. Why? To capture the wealth of information that the farming and hunting communities have when it comes to carnivores and the difficulties of living alongside them. [Read more]

Firearm Importation into Namibia


For the convenience of hunting clientele visiting Namibia and bringing along their personal hunting rifles, the Namibian Police has implemented an online firearm import application facility at Hosea Kutako International Airport. Please forward this mail address together with the import application form to your clients for submission prior to arrival in Namibia. 

Below please find the required documents, which must be emailed to the Namibian Police at Please note that at this stage, this procedure is only applicable to Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek.

Requirements for import.
Import application form.

Workshop on Trophy Hunting in Spain

Ministry of Environment - Spain

The Spanish Ministry of Environment is organizing a workshop during April, on the topic of hunting in Africa. This workshop will be a meeting of experts in the field, CITES authorities from the relevant ranges and trophy destination countries, as well as stakeholders and field managers of hunting areas. NAPHA  has also been invited to give a presentation at this meeting. The aim of this workshop is to advance in the context of the last Resolution Conf. 17.9 Trade in hunting trophies of species listed in Appendix I or II, by improving the coordination between the different parties in the field, on the basis of the potential that regulated and well-oriented hunting can be beneficial for the conservation of biodiversity itself, and for the people living in the field.

Please complete the below questionnaires online to provide valuable data for this workshop.
Lion questionnaire.
Leopard questionnaire.
Elephant questionnaire.
Rhino questionnaire.

Correct way of handling a hunting trophy

Nico van Rooyen

Nico van Rooyen's 'Correct way of handling a hunting trophy' is a well-known guide in the hunting industry. It is also the guide that MET based their Hunting Manual on. Although aged, it still contains a wealth of useful information and tips. The guide can be read or downloaded here.

45th NAPHA Annual General Meeting

27 November 2018

The 45th Annual General Meeting of NAPHA will be held on 27 November 2018. We welcome all our members to celebrate 45 years of ethical conservation hunting with us.

Sponsorships are invited in exchange for marketing opportunities and can be discussed with the office. AGM Funds are the backbone of NAPHA - we are delighted to hear from you! E-mail us or call us on 061 234 455.

Dallas Safari Club Support

A warm THANK YOU to the Dallas Safari Club for their continued support towards NAPHA and the Hunters Support Education Fund.

"Since 1972, Dallas Safari Club has been the gathering point for hunters, conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts. An international organization, we offer members a world of options: Annual conventions and expositions, annual sporting clay events, monthly meetings and other member activities, world class publications and a grant in aid program that contributes millions of dollars each year to programs and projects promoting our mission to conserve wildlife and wilderness lands, to educate youth and the general public and to promote and protect the rights and interests of hunters worldwide."

Ben Nolte Support Fund

Ben Nolte is a 14 year old boy from Namibia, who is being treated for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Cape Town. He has T-Cell ALL, where too many immature white blood cells are found in the blood, bone marrow and tissue.
Ben was diagnosed in Cape Town on 25 November 2017. Unfortunately, the family's hospital plan does not cover all the treatments and excludes certain procedures and scans. In addition it only covers a percentage of his hospital stay. Ben has been in a high care unit for 2.5 months and will have to spend up to 3 more months in an isolation unit. It will be impossible for the family to cover these costs without additional support. 
A few initiatives have already been started by supportive family, friends and acquaintances. "Karwasdag vir Ben" is one such initiative.
Any contribution and support is greatly appreciated. An accounting firm has set up the Bennie Support Fund, which will be open for inspection to any contributors, to see that funds are purely used for medical costs and costs relating to the family having to potentially spend 6 months in a different country to provide the care and support Ben needs to survive.

Donations can be made into the following account:
Bank: Bank Windhoek Ltd
Branch name: Omaruru (485-873)
Account name: Bennie Support Fund
Account number: 2000364490 (Savings account)
Swift code: BWLINANX

To follow Ben's story, visit his Facebook page.
We have received a request from hunters who would like to hunt Damara Dik-Dik and Black Faced Impala with an operator who has these two species on his quota on the same ranch/concession. 
If you are interested, please contact Elise Duckworth

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