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NAPHA Newsletter, 12 October 2018
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Hunters United Against Poaching

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F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
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In this edition

12 October 2018

1. Airport Audit and License 
2. Leopard Census - Field Study ended
3. AGM - Nominate your employees
4. Be sensible!
5. Pangolins Reward Scheme
6. Sven Ahrens Memorial Shoot
7. Annual Auction of Camping Equipment
8. What goes up...

Airport Audit and License (FENATA)

Federation of Namibian Tourism Associations

After receiving very concerning reports from experts from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) regarding the general aviation safety in Namibia, an urgent, high-level stakeholder meeting was jointly called by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and the Federation of Namibian Tourism Associations (FENATA) with the aim to find out how dire the situation really is and to find possible solutions out of this crisis.

The meeting took place on Tuesday, 09 October 2018 and was attended by high-level representatives of the tourism industry, high-level government officials as well as the ICAO expert team. Even though all efforts were made to ensure the participation of the Namibian Airports Company (NCA) and Air Namibia, both companies chose not be present at the meeting.

The ICAO officials have been in Namibia to ensure that Namibia as a country conforms with international aviation safety and security standards. Failure to comply with these standards will result that Namibian airspace is deemed to be unsafe for international travel. The direct and immediate consequence of such a finding is that international airlines (such as Qatar Airways or KLM) will no longer fly to Namibia and at the same time Namibian airlines (Air Namibia) in all likelihood will be prohibited to fly to international destinations.  [Read more}

National Leopard Census - Field Study ended

Dr Louisa Richmond-Coggan

National Leopard Census Project Update
The national leopard census is now entering its 13th month. All three field seasons have now been successfully completed which includes two camera trapping surveys, first in the Auas Mountains and more recently in the area east of Omaruru creating five million images all together. I would like to thank all the landowners who participated in the recent camera trapping survey by allowing the project to set cameras on their property and sharing their leopard knowledge. The cameras have captured numerous leopards both male and females of all ages as well as two different females with cubs. Some of the leopards captured, like the one below, have been given the name of ‘Monster’ by the landowner when shown the photographs!
In this area cheetah were captured at two different locations and the rare serval was also photographed. The recent Omaruru survey helped one farmer solve the mystery of what was attacking his heifer’s including the removal of their ears. For the first time on the cameras, spotted hyaenas were discovered on the farm and on several surrounding farms in the area. Throughout the survey the movement of the hyaenas were captured to allow the landowner to make important management decisions. It was observed that the number of leopard photographs taken reduced over the course of the two months as the number of times the spotted hyaenas were photographed, increased. It quickly became apparent that poaching in this area is a severe problem. Huge numbers of snares are being found and removed daily which impacts livestock, game and carnivores alike, the landowner is in an ongoing battle with this issue. Photographs of one brown and one spotted hyaena were captured that showed wire snares around their necks and two pieces of wire sticking out under their necks where they had broken themselves free.

The national landowner survey is still ongoing, so far, we have collected 356 questionnaires which now needs 44 to meet the target of 400. If you were wondering if we still need you to send in your completed questionnaire, the answer is yes, everyone’s input counts! 

AGM - Nominate your employees! 

Royston Wright

It is that time of the year again when we prepare for our NAPHA Annual General Meeting and, as we do every year, we once again request our members to put forward the names of their employees who have provided outstanding and dedicated service to you as a hunting professional.
Many times, the recognition that our staff deserve is not afforded to them just because we are too busy, or just could not be bothered to nominate them for these prestigious awards. I often wonder if we, as hunting professionals, really grasp the importance of those who operate behind the scenes, as it were; and where our operations would be without them.
Our Hunting Assistants and Camp Attendants are an integral part of our operations and deserve the recognition that they are entitled to.
For this reason, we request all NAPHA members who have a staff member who has proven him or herself to be invaluable to our work, to please nominate them for the Hunting Assistant or Camp Attendant award. All it requires is the nomination and a short reason for the nomination. In return, this person will be recognized by the entire industry, as well as receive a substantial award for his or her services.
What better way to recognize and applaud the work of the unsung hero’s of our business and what better way to motivate that person to greater heights.

Be Sensible! Think before you post to social media, hunters urge fellow hunters

by Karen McColl - CBC News

On social media, history sometimes repeats itself.

Hunter shoots animal, hunter posts photo, photo sparks public outcry, post goes viral. 

The rest of the hunting community, meanwhile, does a collective facepalm.

The worst thing a hunter can do is to turn a non-hunter into an anti-hunter by giving them the wrong impression of hunting, writes Mark Hall on his blog, Hunter Conservationist [Read more]. 

Pangolin Reward Scheme

Source: Ministry of Environment and Tourism / Facebook

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism in partnership with the Namibian Chamber of Environment and other partner organisations set up a cash reward scheme for information leading to the arrest of people catching, killing, trading and trafficking Pangolins. 

Therefore, we are requesting anyone with information of someone in possession or selling pangolins to call or SMS to 081 413 2214 or 081 423 2231.

Furthermore Namibian wildlife laws were changed to significantly increase the penalties for possession and trade in “Controlled Wildlife Products”.

If someone is in possession of any of these products, i.e. has them in their home, office, vehicle, suitcase, storeroom or any other place to which they are linked, or it can be proven that they previously had such products in their possession, and they are found guilty by a court in Namibia, then they are liable for a fine of up to N$15 million or imprisonment for up to 15 years, or both a fine and imprisonment up to the stated amounts. These penalties are applicable to all the Controlled Wildlife Products explained above, e.g. to rhino horn, ivory, live and dead Pangolins and Pangolin scales, cheetah skins amongst others.


Sven Ahrens Memorial Cup 

Annual Auction of Camping Equipment

What goes up....

Releasing balloons is never a good idea – you cannot control where they end up. Rather choose sustainable alternatives such as banners, flags, ribbons, bubbles etc.

“…Be mindful of the simple choices we can make to protect the planet we all share” –

An initiative by the Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF), the Hospitality Association of Namibia (HAN), and Eco Awards Namibia as part of our campaign towards a cleaner Namibia.

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